Can I bring my Kids to the Strathspey Safari? 

Not really we're afraid. As you'll be on buses/ modes of transport all day, its not an ideal environment for kids so get yourselves a babysitter and treat yourself. 

is there accommodation included in the safari packages?

No, there isn't. The Safari is a one day event, with add ons - so book your accommodation separately. The buses will drop you back in Aviemore at the end of the event, so anywhere in the Aviemore area will be just fine. 

will we be fed en route?

Yes, there will be opportunity to eat on the journey. There is also opportunity to eat at the Old Bridge Inn on arrival at 12noon. 

is fancy dress mandatory? 

Not at all, but its encouraged. You are welcome to interpret 'SAFARI' any way you please. Highland cows, Giraffes, Badgers, Mystical Dolphins, Flamingos, Jeeps, Binoculars - whatever you like. If you'd rather not dress up at all, that's totally fine too. 

what do i need to pack? 

Courage. A sense of adventure, moisturiser.
Also, we would recommend you wear sensible footwear, as there may be some walking involved. It might be wise to bring a cagoule as its Scotland, and there may be some raining involved. The trip is licensed throughout, so we think we have you covered. There will be drinks and snacks throughout the day. 

do I need to be there at 12noon? 

Ehhhh, yeah. Kinda. If you miss the start, you miss the journey so its safer to arrive on time. We won't be leaving at 12noon sharp, but its always advised to get to the starting point on time to meet your fellow Voyagers. If you miss us leaving, you miss the event - so be as punctual as possible. 

What time will the safari finish? 

You'll be dropped off in Aviemore around 12.30am. If you need to leave before that time, we can help you arrange taxi pick ups. 

do we go on the train every year? 

Nope, every year the journey is completely different, so brace yourself for a completely new adventure. 

i have slight issues with walking long distances, what should I do?

Just send us a wee message in advance of the festival and we'll ensure you're looked after.

what time IS THE INSIDER FEAST taking place? 

Gourmet upgrades are for The Insider Feast on Sunday August 21st. The Insider Feast is now sold out, but if you are lucky enough to have a ticket - timings are from 12noon - 6pm and the location is the Dell of Abernethy, Nethy Bridge. 

where should we eat the night before the event? 

There are a handful of great restaurants in the area, but our top recommendation would be the Old Bridge Inn, Dalfaber Road. You'll need to call and make a reservation as they book up pretty quickly. 

whats this about a launch party? 

We're hosting a wee get together at the Old Bridge Inn on Friday 19th. Our good friends, The Loveboat Big Band will be entertaining us till the wee hours, so try your best to come along. Its totally free and you might just get to meet your new pals a whole day early. 

I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself, what should I do? 

Try and relax, its not that far away, We're excited too, its going to be bloody wonderful. 

what acts are going to be playing at this years' strathspey safari? 

Well now, where would be the fun in telling you that? This year, the line up is going to be completely secret - so if you want to know you'll need to come along. 

will jack be wearing leggings again this year 

Does a bear shit in the woods? (Yes, I think thats a solid Yes)