“Safari 2016, and in fact anything team Insider turn their collectively creative hands to, punches way above the shoulders of any other Scottish festival. This year, or before.

A logistically ambitious mystery-tour leads the audience on staggered buses on several surprise stops, through a series of magical events pairing musical and gastronomical delights with beautiful locations.

It’s the level of artistic detail and style though which is so delightful, characterful, unique and totally impressive, especially considering the fact that so few pulled this whole event off.

Whole still-lives are set into gardens complete with antique furniture, bookshelves and lamps. 100 pimms at the ready. Brass band on the bar roof, live music on the shore of a loch, the red gazeebo in the white church, lanterns leading the way, a feast to finish. Just magical.

The Bevvy Sisters loved it (and every previous Insider Festival). We’d say to anyone of pretty much any age, to simply buy into it and trust in the outcome completely.”
“The Strathspey Safari was one of the most beautiful weekends of my life. it is an everything perfect happen. and everyone who gets to be part of it feels like the luckiest human of all. such a special and beautiful feeling to every part of it and made by humans who love all the things that matter. if you get the chance go to this. you will feel like you’re in love because of. Xxxxxxxxxxxxx”